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Windows Smart Card 1.00

Windows Smart Card 1.00: All applications are packed within the several layers of the Windows Smart Card Smart Card layers to reach for your applications. The Windows Smart Card holds two labels, one for the time, and one for the date. You can logoff, restart or shut down your computer from within the Windows Smart Card. One click on a button, the Windows Smart Card will launch your Pre-Saved URLs into the address bar menu of your browser. The Windows Smart Card can be placed on top of all other active Windows. The Windows Smart Card is automatically

Smart Card ToolSet PRO 3.4.20: Discover any ISO-7816 smart card on the APDU level easy!
Smart Card ToolSet PRO 3.4.20

smart card on the APDU level easy! Smart Card ToolSet PRO is a program for working with any of ISO-7816 compatible smart cards on the APDU level. The program allows you: 1) to work with any of an ISO-7816 compatible smart cards using T0 and T1 protocols; 2) to use any of PC/SC compatible smart card readers; 3) to manage the readers opening/closing modes; 4) to send single APDU commands manually and monitors the card answers; 5) to scan the smart

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SCardX Easy smart card ActiveX control 2.0.1541: Add smart cards to your web site or to your application easily!
SCardX Easy smart card ActiveX control 2.0.1541

smart card service and an attached card reader. It allows you to send into your smart cards any commands according to the cards` specifications easy and without any limitations. You can use any of PC/SC compatible devices like card readers and USB tokens e.t.c., and you may work with any of ISO-7816 compatible smart cards like GSM SIM cards, EMV payment cards, identity and cryptographic cards and all other types of processor cards. Add smart cards

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Softick CardExport for Smartphone 3.03: Card Export emulates USB Mass Storage on Windows Mobile smartphone
Softick CardExport for Smartphone 3.03

Card Export turns Windows Mobile smartphone into SD/MMC card reader. Most smartphone users thought about using a memory card as an external storage device and access it without additional card reader. There is a solution – Softick Card Export for Smartphone, an application for Windows Mobile smartphone, emulating USB Mass Storage device. Connect your smartphone to USB cable, run Card Export application, tap "Connect to Desktop" button, and after

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claviscom LOGON 7.0.4

smartcard, an USB-Token (e. g. Aladdin eToken) or alternatively also an `EC MoneyCard` (with chip) and `Health Insurance Cards`. After insert your `EC MoneyCard` or `Health Insurance Card` into the smartcard READER, the Logon occurs completely automatically. With certificate-based tokens (certificate smartcard or USB-Token) you must enter only your appropriate certificate password. According to the option, the computer `Looked`, `Look out` or `Shut

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abylon LOGON 6.3: Secure and comfortable windows access protection with smart card or USB-Stick
abylon LOGON 6.3

abylon LOGON protects your computer again illegal access in a comfortable kind. You need only to train a smart card, a USB stick or a CD with your login data. In future you need only this token as key for the logon authentication. If you leave the computer you need only to pull the smart card or the USB stick and your computer automatically lock or logoff. Thus protect your computer against snoopier views and data theft without large training.

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SIM Card Reader

card service provider name with its location and identification number. USB sim card reader/writer utility support all type of sim hardware reader such as Dekart, Tinpec Super Mini Micro SD/T-Flash, ACR38T smart card reader/writer, Datopal Micro SD/T-F, Imono USB 2.0 SD and many more. To recover SIM memory card data software requires GSM SIM card of any country, all distributer, manufactures, and sellers of USB SIM card reader with Microsoft windows

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